Friday, March 28, 2014

PSHDL Board IndieGoGo Campaign

Last year during the 30C3 I announced the PSHDL board, and promised to create a crowd-funding campaign for it. Many people followed my call to give me an estimate on what they were willing to pay for this board, and from that data we concluded that it would be realistic to create such an campaign.

Unfortunately this took us longer than anticipated. The biggest risk involved in our campaign is that it is a physical product, that people can do stupid things with. In order to be on the safe side, and not ending up in a million dollar debt after an US law suit, we had to arrange for an insurance. This turned out to be a rather slow process (mostly caused by the insurance companies not reacting upon our inquiries).

But now all the legal problems have been addressed and we are very proud to announce that our campaign is now online at indiegogo.

At this point of time we already collected more than a sixth of the required funding in about two days. This leaves us very optimistic that we can get through with this campaign. This doesn't mean that we don't need help. We can need as much help as possible, and even if you decide not to back our campaign, it would be very nice if you could help us to spread the word.

Board details

As some people had some difficulties to understand how all of the board IOs are connected, we also created a new graph that hopefully helps you to understand it better.

High Level view

We also send the latest prototype to manufacturing and expect it to arrive in about two weeks.

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